Snoring vs. Sleep Apnea

What is snoring?


Snoring is annoying. It wakes up your bed partner and keeps them from getting a good night sleep. It may keep you from getting a good night sleep if they wake you to stop. This is a very common problem […]

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bbq wire brush hazard

Summertime Safety: Why Not to Use Wire Grill Brushes


Summer barbeques can be more dangerous than one may think. On top of sunburn risk and mosquito bites, actually grilling is a serious health hazard – cleaning the grill, that is. That idea may seem contradictory. Clean cooking surfaces are […]

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Winter Throat Sore and Colds

Throat Sore for Winter? Here’s Why & What to Do.


Winter is coming, and along with the cold and wet weather comes colds and the flu. Some people will get symptoms that last much longer than that of the common cold. So when you wake up one morning (or many […]

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