Endoscopic Procedures

The risks of surgery have improved greatly over the past three decades. Most surgical procedures were once performed as “open surgery” – requiring an incision and sutures – which had risks of serious bleeding and infections.

Today, endoscopic procedures have replaced open surgery and are far less invasive with a faster recovery rate.

Endoscopic ENT Procedures

Endoscopic Procedures Bridgewater NJ

ENT endoscopic surgery is performed to treat a number of conditions. These include endoscopic sinus surgery, thyroidectomy, intraluminal endoscopic procedures, among others.

To understand endoscopic ENT surgery, let’s look at surgery for nasal polyps.

To perform this procedure, the surgeon passes very thin tubes – the endoscopic instruments — through the nostrils, up the nasal cavity, to the sinus areas. At that point, the surgeon uses a tiny endoscopic camera to locate the polyps. Using either a cutting or suction instrument, the surgeon removes the polyps.

Endoscopic procedures are quick, non-invasive, and typically performed on an outpatient basis.

Preparing for your Procedure

If you have an ENT disorder, your ENT surgeon will discuss with you at length the options you have to remedy your problem.

If you have a thyroid disorder, for example, the surgeon will explain the endoscopic thyroidectomy procedure, perhaps even show you videos to educate you about the procedure.

You will then be scheduled for the procedure, which will take about an hour to two hours and involve either local or general anesthesia. Post-operation, you will not need any dressings as there will be no external wounds. Your surgeon will provide instructions on caring for your internal wound.

Endoscopic procedures have very few side-effects and/or complications. However, there are the typical potential risks and complications of surgery such as infection, continuous bleeding, swelling, soreness and so on.

Only a tiny fraction of patients have complications. It’s wise to notice anything unusual and report this to your surgeon immediately.

Follow-up is important

After your surgery, you will need a follow-up appointment with your surgery to ensure there are no complications. You will also learn whether you might need a follow-up procedure.

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