Earlobe Repair

People have long favored earlobe piercing and sometimes have multiple piercings. Also, some ear jewelry such as gauges cause intentional stretching of the lobe, and reversal of this may be desired to restore the original appearance of the earlobe.

Stretched, Partial Cleft or Torn Earlobes

Torn Earlobe

Earlobe tears are referred to as “clefts.” Earlobe injuries can vary. They can be sudden, such as when an earring is caught on clothing and pulled. This can stretch or even completely divide the piercing site so that a cleft earlobe occurs. Stretching of the earlobe piercing may also occur over a long period of time with extended wear of heavy jewelry. Wearing heavy earrings during sport activities like jogging can also cause this injury. For some people, a habit of constantly touching or playing with heavy earrings can even lead to a tear. Earlobes may be stretched intentionally for body modification jewelry, and one may seek to repair the earlobes later in life.

Ear Keloids

Earlobe Repair Bridgewater NJ

Ear keloids are enlarged scars that can form as a result of piercing or other trauma to the ear. They can grow beyond the boundaries of the initial wound and increase significantly in size if not attended to, becoming very challenging to treat. Ear keloid symptoms include itchiness and discomfort at the scar site and enlargement of the scarred area. It may become red or pink, appear darker than surrounding skin. Swelling, redness and pus are all signs of infection.

What Are the Treatments?

Several techniques can be used to repair torn ear lobes. The surgeon will choose the technique that is most appropriate for the injury. With a partial cleft, this may require completely cutting through and suturing the tear. In other cases, a flap of ear tissue may be used to restore the lobe. While the original piercing hole may be preserved, often it’s necessary to get the earlobe re-pierced after healing is complete.

The first step in keloid treatment involves consulting with an ENT physician. Treatment may be surgical, and sometimes a steroid injection is needed to soften the scar. Sometimes your ENT will select a combination of treatments.

Surgical repair for earlobe clefts and keloids can be done in the office or operating room, with local anesthetic, with sutures removed in one week.

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