Ear and Hearing Disorders

Audiology needs are addressed by our specialists in hearing disorders, and we conduct routine audiological evaluations and tests during your visit with one of our physicians. If you require a test to determine hearing loss and extent of loss, and need a Cochlear Implant or a hearing aid, you will work with one of our audiologists.

Nearly 30 million Americans have hearing loss that interferes with their everyday life, and their ability to communicate. Millions more have difficulty processing or understanding what they hear, or they have buzzing or ringing in the ears. Over one-third of people over age 65 have hearing loss, and even more over age 75 are affected.

While permanent hearing loss is relatively rare in infants and children, this can make language and social development very difficult. An audiologist will determine the cause and level of hearing impairment – and prescribe treatments that will enhance hearing to improve quality of life.

Dr. Schneiderman provides the following hearing and audiology services:

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