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You sneeze, cough, get a rash – all signs of allergies. What exactly is an allergy? It is a response of your immune system in reaction to a trigger, or allergen. That allergen may be cat or dog dander, pollen, mold, food (like nuts) or bee stings.

For some people, their reaction is a rash, skin reddening or bruising. Others develop welts or urticaria (hives). Bee stings and nut allergies can trigger anaphylactic shock, a rapid and dangerous allergic reaction that causes swelling of the tongue and throat, shortness of breath, coronary artery spasm, rashes, low blood pressure – this can be life-threatening.

It is possible to reduce or avoid allergic reactions by avoiding allergy triggers and having appropriate prescriptions on hand.

Adults and children can suffer from allergies, so it’s important to get allergy testing if you suspect an allergy. One such allergy test is the serial endpoint test (SET).

What is Allergy Testing?

Allergy testing is a test that takes place in a doctor’s office.

Serial Endpoint Test or SET allergy testing is conducted to determine the allergens that trigger your allergic reaction, and your level of sensitivity. For instance, some people can go into anaphylactic shock when eating just a few peanuts, while others may only get a mild allergic reaction.

By exposing you to increasing concentrations (potency) of various allergens, the doctor is able to determine your allergies and how severe (or mild) they are.

When you come in, the test is performed as follows:

  1. The doctor will select a portion of your skin and expose it to a very dilute solution of an allergen, then measure your allergic response.
  2. This is repeated with increasing concentration until the doctor determines the level of sensitivity you have to different doses of the allergen.
  3. This is repeated with the other allergens.

When the doctor has your allergy testing results, you will be instructed in how to manage the allergy. Avoiding the allergen, taking anti-allergy medication or undergoing immunotherapy (injections) are effective in treating allergic reactions.

Safe, Effective Testing

SET allergy testing is a delicate procedure as the person being tested may go into anaphylactic shock when exposed to a certain allergen. Therefore, it is critical that this test is provided by a trained professional who can respond effectively in case of an emergency.

After the allergy test is complete, the doctor will advise you on how to manage your allergies. You may need to avoid allergy triggers (if possible), take anti-allergy medication or undergo immunotherapy.

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